General information about filters

All the images i made during daytime landscape photography (and some during the nights) are made with the following filters (100mm & 150mm system incl. filterholder and adapter):

  • Pol

  • ND 

    • 4.5​

    • 3.0

    • 1.8

    • 0.9

  • GND​ soft and medium

    • 0.9​

    • 1.2

  • Night filter

These and other Haida filters you can order at Fotichaestli in Switzerland, and also from Italy. If you live in an other country, order here. Tip: Dont try to save money when you buy filters, bad filters can destroy your images! Better you invest from the beginning in quality and buy only once. Haida filters are very high-quality products and do not cause color casts.

If you buy through the following links / buttons, you support me, thanks a lot!!

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The use of filters has the following advantages:

Pole filter

  • Colors are intensified

  • Haze is minimized or enhanced

  • Reflections can be amplified or contested at certain angles to the water or glass surface

  • Rainbows can become more visible

ND filter

  • In any lighting situation, long exposures are possible

  • Exposure times can be extended without closing the aperture

  • Water can become soft, foggy

  • Cloud movements are represented as long streams, especially during fast wind

  • Moving people and vehicles can be made unvisible in the photos

  • Thunderstorm shots in daylight

GND filter

  • Brightness differences are harmonized

Night Filter

  • Reduces nighttime light pollution. For very light-smeared places. The light acting on the sensor is blocked approximately in the strength of a polarizer. The filter has a blue-purple color cast.

To calculate the time with filter, you can check the exposure time without filter and multiply it with the filter factor of the filter(s) you are using.

You can put filters on top of each other as long as no vignetting occurs.

Here you can download a table to see the exposure times for the use of Haida filter.

I advise you to buy square filters instead of screw filters. Exception: If you only use 1 ND or 1 Pol filter. The handling  of square filters is easier, and you have more control over the filter action (especially with GND filters). Exception: A pole filter for screwing needs no space in the connector system.

If you have questions about filters, write me!