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Video Tutorial


Video Tutorial 1 english | Simone Cmoon | Landscape photography | Focus stacking

In my first 2 hour video tutorial of a landscape photography tutorial series in collaboration with my video producer R VIEW PRODUCTIONS I show you step by step:


  • some of my photography techniques on location:

    • Equipment and settings

    • Focus stacking for a consistently sharp image with very close foreground

    • Multiple exposures for the full dynamic range

    • Use of a Haida GND filter


  • RAW's development in Lightroom


  • Combine the individual images and their post-processing in Photoshop

  • Manual blending with masks

  • Partial Orton effect with luminosity masks for a gentle picture look

  • Use of Google Nik Collection Filter

  • Intensify the effect of depth

  • Healing of not quite congruent pictures due to wind

  • Final sharpening of the finished image


Including the RAW files to apply all the techniques shown themselves.


The language of the instructional video is german, with english subtitles.



Important: Please watch the videos on the computer and with the VLC Player, downloadable here for free. Otherwise it may be that there is no sound. 


The RAWs or the self-edited end product from the RAWs may only be published after prior request with the note "Copyright original files from" and the direct link to my Facebook-, Instagram page or my homepage. I am looking forward to your results!!


The video is for personal use only and may not be copied, distributed or published.

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