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video tutorial

start to finish

In this silent landscape photography video tutorial I edit a single exposure:


  • developing the RAW in Lightroom

  • multiple developing in Photoshop

    • using luminosity masks

    • work with layers and masks

    • partial Orton effect for a dreamy look

    • using Google Nik Collection Filter

    • increase 3D effect

    • color management

    • adding light

    • soft contrasts for full dynamic range

    • healing

    • final sharping


48 minutes

The language of Lightroom and Photoshop is English.

The RAW image is not part of this product.


Important: This video tutorial has no sound. If you have a bit photoshop experience, the video is self explanatory.


Copyright: Simone Cmoon

This tutorial is for your personal use only! Reproduction, redistribution, sharing and  selling is strictly prohibited. Any of these will result in legal action.

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